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Linux is a rock-solid platform upon which to build your presence on the Internet.

From web servers to databases to email servers, we can help you set up and maintain a Linux-powered solution to your needs.

Prefer to maintain full control of your machines, rather than work through a vendor’s limited control panel? We can help you find an affordable VPS hosting service to start your Linux VPS or colocation server your way (we don’t resell services, so you always know our recommendations are matched to your requirements).

Linux isn’t just for the Internet, though; it can be a powerful but low-cost tool to use in your office as well.

For business needs that aren’t dependent upon Windows-only software, Linux desktops can provide you with a secure, low-maintenance alternative to management-intensive operating systems.

Linux also excels on the back-end, where it can host files to your internal network, serve as a company-wide mail server or database server, or even provide Active Directory-compatible domain management at a very competitive price.

From CentOS and Apache to Ubuntu and Zimbra, we can help you set up and maintain your linux-powered presence on the Internet or in your office.